Free your VMs

A virtual infrastructure without the dedicated physical infrastructure

Infinity saves time and money by providing users with a virtual infrastructure without the need to buy and manage dedicated hardware.

Infinity uses VirtualBox, ZFS and iSCSI to create a flexible virtualization platform with your workstations allowing single or multiple users to independently create, manage, move, access, backup, share and run VMs on any available computers. All complexity is taken care of by Infinity, no knowledge of ZFS or iSCSI is required to install or use Infinity.

The Infinity server manages VirtualBox VMs and stores their data but VMs can run on any computer so expensive server hardware is not required because Infinity leverages the combined power of your workstations. VMs running on different hosts do not compete for RAM or CPU resources. With Bare Metal support computers can be used to run VMs without affecting the computers local hard drive at all.

Infinity server can be installed in a VM or on a mini PC such as an Intel NUC or AMD Brix because VMs do not have to be run on the server. Plug the Infintiy server into the network and start running VMs on what ever is around.

With the Infinity graphical interfaces you can do the following and more.

  • In seconds, boot VMs on any arbitrary computer running Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or no OS installed at all.
  • User may boot VMs on their local computers or other available computers.
  • Remotely access VMs with a click of the mouse.
  • VirtualBox VMs can be teleported (Live migrated) between hosts.
  • Scheduled VM snapshots and backups are quick and easy.
  • Users can independently create and manage VMs.
  • Users can share VMs with other users who can then access the VM where ever it is running.
  • Users can clone VMs and share them in seconds.
  • VM data and configuration is centralized and protected yet VMs can run anywhere.
  • GUI with drag & drop and context sensitive menus to manage and run VMs
  • Run VMs on bare metal by booting a computer from the network.

Infinity is simple to install in minutes and can itself be run in a VM.

Infinity is free and open source.

Free your VMs with Infinity now!