Now with support for Red Hat and CentOS Linux as the Infinity server OS


Infinity™ is the most flexible and easy to use solution for IT professionals to run, manage and share locally running virtual machines in a centralized way.

   Infinity was designed for IT professionals and enthusiasts who need to create many VMs and have maximum flexibility in snapshotting, cloning and running those VMs where they want, when they want and how they want.

Users can create and run Virtual Machines on their workstations, laptops and servers, but when the computer is powered off the VMs are still available to be run on other computers. No VM data is on the Host computer so your valuable data is safe on the Infinity server.


     The  Infinity virtualization server gives users centralized management of their virtual machines (VMs), but unlike traditional virtualization solutions, Hosts running VMs can be any computer.  Computer workstations and servers which are running Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Unix or no OS at all can be used to host VMs alongside their current applications. VMs can be run locally on workstations or they can be run on other Hosts and accessed remotely. VMs can be cloned, shared and teleported between Hosts in seconds. Workstation virtualization, not just desktop virtualization.

Using infinity can be as simple as plugging in an Infinity server (or running the Infinity server in a VM) and booting computers from the network to run what ever you need.

  • Infinity™ has built-in scheduled snapshots, VM replication and disk based backups with VM data stored and managed on the Infinity server. Third party tools are not needed to provide these services.

  • Scheduled snapshots can be configured to protect your files from accidental deletion and corruption. Infinity snapshots are highly efficient and do not affect VM performance. Snapshots can be turned into VMs allowing you to not only access the VMs data as it was when the snapshot was taken, but also to boot the OS and run its services. Disaster recovery testing made simple.

  • VMs can be replicated between multiple Infinity servers. Asynchronous replication can be configured per VM protecting the VM from an Infinity server failure. Replicated VMs can be quickly restarted and access their virtual hard disks from another server.

  • Multiple Infinity servers can be clustered to automatically replicate configuration data between them so no configuration data will be lost in the event of a server failure.

  • VMs can be backed up as single files and stored offsite for disaster recovery purposes. Infinity supports scheduled Full, Differential and Incremental block level backups that can be directed to any computer. Block level backups are a highly efficient backup method which is much faster and uses much less space than traditional file based backup.

  • Virtual networks can be created connecting VMs running on different hosts. Virtual networks allow you to create isolated networks for groups of VMs without the need for VLAN capable switches.

  • Groups of VMs can be deployed to groups of Hosts as a single step. This feature greatly simplifies and accelerates the deployment of more complicated services which are composed of multiple services running in different VMs.

  • Bare Metal support allows VMs to be run on computers with no operating system or hard drive but still have a local user interface to the running VMs. Simply boot from the network and you have a host to run VMs. Bare metal support can also be used to temporarily repurpose a computer for running VMs.
  • Make as many VM clones as you like, and it happens in seconds.
  • Remotely access your VMs with the click of a mouse.

Infinity™ puts the power of virtualization in the hands of its users

     Users manage and share their own VMs. They can create VMs, Clone, Snapshot, Backup, and deploy new Hosts to run VMs, all independently without the need of an Administrator.

Easy to install and deploy.

     Infinity was designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind. Users can configure any computer as a Host to run VMs in minutes and new Infinity servers can be added just as quickly.

    Infinity™ is free  and open source under GPL v2