From a computer with VirtualBox 4.3.4 or higher and a high speed Internet connection:

Download the Infinity Web Install ISO 

VirtualBox can be downloaded from

Create a new 64 bit Linux VM in VirtualBox with the following settings:

Type = Linux

Version = Red Hat (64 bit)

Hard drive Size >= 10 GB. as needed

Memory >= 3072 MB RAM.

Bridged and Paravirtualized Networking

Once the VM is created, change the VMs network settings so that the network card is using Bridged Networking and the Adapter Type is Paravirtualized.

Attach the Infinity Web Install ISO to the VM

Start the VM and install Infinity on CentOS from the Internet

The VM should boot from the ISO. Press "F12" to start the installation of Infinity

*After installation, the root password will be "admin"

After the OS Install the VM will reboot. ZFS will be compiled and installed

Then Infinity will be installed and configured.

The root password is "admin"