Download OpenIndiana from Either the Server or Live CD ISO.

The latest version of OpenIndiana can be downloaded from here.

VirtualBox can be downloaded from

For remote RDP access to your VMs, the VirtualBox extensions need to be installed.

Create a new VM in VirtualBox with the following settings:

Type = Solaris

Version = Solaris11 or Oracle Solaris 10 5/09 and later.

        * OpenIndiana and Infinity support both 32 bit and 64 bit

Hard drive Size = 50 GB or more.

Memory 1536 MB RAM.

Bridged Networking and Promiscuous mode

Once the VM is created, change the VMs network settings so that the network card is using Bridged Networking and promiscuous mode is enabled.

Attach the OpenIndiana ISO to the VM

Start the VM and install OpenIndiana

The VM should boot from the ISO.

Select your keyboard and language setting or accept the defaults.

Press "Enter" to start the installation of OpenIndiana in the VM.

Press the "F2" key to select the default hard drive partitioning.

Press "F2" to use the whole disk.

Enter a host name for the server and select "Automatically" to use DHCP to configure networking.

        * It is best to use a static IP address for an Infinity server, but for testing purposes, DHCP is usually adequate.

OpenIndiana does not allow direct root login, so a regular user account must be created to be able to log into to the server.

Press "F2" to start the installation of OpenIndiana

Once the installation has completed, detach the ISO from the VM to boot OpenIndiana from the hard drive.

To install Infinity in the VM follow the instructions outlined on the installing Infinity page