Oracle VM VirtualBox is a popular workstation virtualization platform used by millions of users for various purposes such as development and system administration testing.

    As organizations make greater use of VirtualBox they begin to be hampered by the fact that it is designed for single users running VMs on their local workstations. Virtualbox was not designed for teams of users or for deploying VMs on multiple hosts in a managed way. The usual next step would be to move away from VirtualBox towards a server based virtualization solution such as VMware vSphere but many organizations can not or choose not to for financial or technical reasons.

    TechSologic Infinity fills the gap by allowing organizations to continue to use VirtualBox but adds the enterprise features they need. Users can independently create and manage VMs, but with Infinity they can now boot the VMs not only on their local computer, but also on other available computers and access those VMs remotely with the click of a mouse. Users can share VMs with other users or make clones and share those in seconds. VMs can be teleported (Live migrated) between hosts. Infinity also adds the ability to do scheduled snapshots and backups of VMs quickly and easily.

    Infinity is simple to install and can itself be run in a VM, but for best performance it is recommended to be installed directly with a gigabyte network. VMs do not have to be run on the Infinity server so expensive server hardware is not required. The Infinity server manages VMs and stores their data but runs the VMs on other computers.

    Infinity is free for running managed VMs on up to four hosts concurrently but you can have as many hosts as you like. Users are still free to use VirtualBox to create and run as many local VMs as they like.

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